Can You Win As A Buyer On Ebay (Item Not As Described)

After two sellers tried to scam me on eBay recently when buying graphics cards to do Crypto mining. I found this video below, which was quite useful and informative with a few pointers as to how you might win your case


Item Not As Described How To Win Your Case


1. Gather Evidence – Before submitting a case, collect evidence that proves the item that you received is not as described. This includes photos, screenshots, receipts, or any other evidence that shows the item that you received is not as described by the seller.

2. Review eBay’s Return Policy – Verify that the item you purchased and received is indeed eligible for an eBay money-back guarantee claim in accordance with their return policy.

3. Contact the Seller – Before submitting a case, contact the seller through eBay’s messaging system and explain the issue that you have with the item and see if you can work out a resolution.

4. Submit a Case – If you and the seller cannot come to an agreement, you can submit a case with eBay. When filing your case, provide your evidence, detailing how the item you purchased is not as described.

5. Follow Up – Once you submit your case, follow up with eBay and make sure that your case is reviewed promptly.

6. Keep Calm – Stay patient throughout the process, as it can take some time before your case is resolved.

Following these steps can help increase your chances of winning an eBay not as described case. eBay’s Money Back Guarantee can provide peace of mind by protecting you when shopping online.


Update on my 2 cases in both of these cases, the sellers were trying their luck to keep their money and have the product which I returned as well thankfully due to eBay’s day money-back guarantee policy I got a full refund.

After many online transactions, I am happy to say I am delighted with eBay’s service, and even if there is an odd bad egg out there with a little common sense you can still be protected. 


P.S. If you are selling items on eBay note down their serial numbers that way you can avoid getting sent a different broken item back as an eBay return.

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