18 And A Great Time To Get Started In Crypto Currency

18 And A Great Time To Get Started In CryptoCurrency

On 5Th April my eldest son turned 18 years old a few months ago he got a job in a call center and since then he has been giving me money every week to lodge into my Crypto account to save for him.
With his 18Th Birthday, he finally is old enough to get his internet banking we got him a Revolut card so he could store multiple currencies and set up two different online accounts for him so he can buy his own cryptocurrency.

Looking after your finances properly and learning about financial literacy is an extremely valuable asset and can mean the difference between struggling your whole life never having or doing the things you want. Or living the lifestyle you desire.
I have to say without any input from me he has been making some really great decisions and his money is growing fast. You need to realise you are in an age of endless opportunity you just need to get up and start doing something.

Only you can make your life the life that you dream of it starts with a decision and taking some steps in the right direction. If you have not already bought some Crypto Currency you can get started with only $10 so it’s not like you need to risk much to take part in this amazing opportunity, just one of my £10 investments became worth £280 in a few months that’s a 2800% ROI (Return On Investment) when was the last time your bank gave you that?

You may think you are too late but it is still very early on in the game and the biggest Crypto returns are yet to come, the question is will you be in the right place at the right time and own some Crypto assets or be one of the people to listen to other people’s success stories from the sidelines.

Only you can decide that, today I would like to put a few ideas your way. You could set up a Crypto account with one of these companies if you haven’t already got one. Coinbase, Crypto, or Binance . You may want to also set up a Revolut account so you can access multiple currencies for free.

As many of the countries worldwide are coming out of lockdown (Maybe only temporarily) The sheep are heading back to their jobs, this last two weeks I had emails from 3 people wanting to quit an online business to run back to their non-secure job security.

The truth is in a job you will never have any security even if you think so. The 40-year plan that most employees follow working 40 years to make their employers rich is a dead end with no thanks at the end when you are replaced by a teenager.

When it becomes time for you to retire you will be lucky if your pension gives you 10% of what you are used to living on, many peoples pensions will be stolen and they may end up working well into their 70’s or 80’s just to survive (Barely)

Now is your opportunity to change that If you need any help getting started in Crypto I am helping people get set up with their Crypto via  Zoom sessions to book a zoom Crypto strategy session with me Click Here

I also am offering a Business Blog Setup Package for people wanting to create their own Internet Business and create residual income from the internet.

18 And A Great Time To Get Started In CryptoCurrency

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  1. Wise reading on cryptocurrencies! You know “Litecoin” is on my favorite list. I appreciate the list and the detailed discussion. I am going to share the post on my social media pages to see my friends and followers. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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